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funky thai'S STORY

Dumpling Soup



Tonight is the perfect time to treat yourself to something new, something special and something you’ll be sure to remember long after the evening is at an end. Though new to the area, the taste sensations offered by Funky Thai of Oakville are sure to make this lunch and dinner hotspot your dining destination of choice. A pleasing fusion of Thai and Vietnamese foods and cooking styles, Funky Thai has everything you need to bring your day to life. From the perfect foods to the unique atmosphere of peace and goodwill, Funky Thai truly is a destination to be explored and enjoyed. Having already been called “One of Oakville’s best-kept secrets” by satisfied customers, Funky Thai boasts a staff and pedigree that is truly a cut above the rest. With an executive chef behind each meal who possesses over 20 years of practical experience.



  Funky Thai can present to you a true variety of exciting menu selections and all with a Pan Asian flare. Quality, quantity and exquisite value on all dishes have already helped to set Funky Thai apart. With a semi upscale dining environment, great ambiance, and an easy flow of energy, every visit will provide something new and fresh to enjoy. Thai and Vietnamese meals are usually served all at once as a single taste experience and will include a wide and diverse combination of flavors, spices and fresh ingredients that combine good health with great dining

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